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Anji County PengDa Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd. - is a professional production of high-end professional seamless steel pipe manufacturers, which has the construction of nearly three decades of history. After the new steel production technology backbone, Hangzhou Iron and Steel, is relying on scientific research institutions directly under the State Council, as well as the State Key Laboratory of Metal Materials and Shanghai University, which is considered to be a strong technical force, providing consultancy to the unit.

Anji County PengDa Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.  occupies more than 70,000 square meters. It consists of more than 260 employees. Annual production of 40,000 tons of various types of steel and more than 60 percent of exports or interim profile exported to Europe, Japan, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries or regions. The main products for agricultural use are: shaft shaped steel, martensitic and ferritin stainless steel pipe, steel pipe geological exploration and components processing; in particular, Germany and its Desai company, as well as Hyundai Motor's cooperation with the US General Motors, where the company business was growing rapidly.

As the «Anji County PengDa Steel Pipe» company in recent years increases investment in science and technology, as well as in development of new products, with the domestic advanced production equipment, the company still maintains the level of technology and well-equipped R & D testing center pipe, as well as stable quality, low production cost, price and new product development capability, trusted by new and old customers.

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«PengDa Steel Pipe» mission: sincere and refined, defined benefit symbiosis.
Fair competition, open to cooperation with leading technology in order to create value for the industry;
Minded, strategic mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation, as well as creating value for supply and marketing;
Protecting the environment, conserving resources, tax credit, job creation, support for welfare, as well as creating value for society.
«PengDa Steel Pipe» spirit: unity ahead reality and innovation
Solidarity: people doing their length, their duties; teaching and learning, giving and taking.
Progress: fear of competition, the courage to victory; fear of challenge, courage beyond.
Reality: being honest, practicing work; the final analysis, as well as seeking truth from facts.
Innovation: bold vision, excellence; careful verification, with each passing day.


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