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  • How to Avoid Wear of Spiral Steel Pipe
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1. Spiral steel tube packaging should avoid loosening and damage in normal handling, transportation and storage.

2. If the demander has special requirements for the packing materials and methods of spiral steel pipes, they should be specified in the contract. If not, the supplier has the choice of the packing materials and methods.

3. Packaging materials shall comply with relevant regulations. If there is no requirement for packaging materials, they should be used in accordance with the intended purpose to avoid waste and environmental pollution.

4. If the customer requests that the spiral steel pipe should not be damaged by bumping on the surface, the protective device can be used between the spiral steel pipe. The protective device can use rubber, straw rope, fibre cloth, plastic, pipe cap, etc.

5. Thin-walled spiral steel tube can be protected by inner support or outer frame because of its thick wall and thin wall. The material of the bracket and the outer frame is made of the same steel as that of the spiral steel tube.

6. The state stipulates that the spiral steel pipe shall be in bulk. If the customer requests bundling, it can be considered as appropriate, but the caliber must be between 159MM and 500MM. The bundled materials are packed and fastened with steel strips, each of which should be twisted into at least two strands, and increased moderately according to the outer diameter and weight of the spiral steel tube to prevent loosening.

7. Fixed-length spiral steel tubes may not be bundled.

8. Screw protectors shall be provided at both ends of the spiral steel tube, such as with threads. Apply lubricant or rust-proof agent to the buttons. The spiral steel pipe can be opened at both ends, and the pipe mouth protector can be added at both ends according to the requirements.

9. When the spiral steel pipe is loaded into the container, soft moisture-proof devices such as textile cloth and straw mat are laid on the container. For textile spiral steel pipe scattered in the container, it can be bundled or welded with protective brackets outside the spiral steel pipe.


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