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  • Preservation of seamless steel tubes
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  Seamless steel tube is a kind of long steel with hollow section and no joints around it. You may want to know how to save seamless steel pipes. Here we will introduce some effective methods.


  Choose suitable sites and storehouses:

  1. Steel storage sites or warehouses should be selected in a clean, well-drained place, away from the production of harmful gases or dust factories and mines. Remove weeds and sundries on the site and keep the steel clean.

  2, in warehouses should not be stacked together with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other corrosive materials on steel. Different types of steel should be stacked separately to prevent confusion and prevent contact corrosion.

  3. Large size steel, rail, steel plate, large diameter steel pipe and forgings can be stacked in open air.

  4. Small and medium-sized steel, wire rods, reinforcing bars, medium-diameter steel pipes, steel wires and wire ropes can be placed in well-ventilated shed, but must be uprooted.

  5. Some small steel products, thin steel plates, steel strips, silicon steel sheets, small-diameter or thin-walled steel pipes, various cold-rolled and cold-drawn steel products, as well as high-priced and easily corrosive metal products, can be stored in storage.

  6. The warehouse should be selected according to the geographical conditions. The general closed warehouse should be adopted, that is, the warehouse with the roof enclosing wall, the door and window tightly, and the ventilation device.

  7, the warehouse requires clear weather to pay attention to ventilation. When wet, close the damp proof and keep the suitable storage environment.

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