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  • Seamless Steel Tube Bundling and Packaging
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  Steel pipes are usually delivered in bundles. Each bundle of steel pipes shall be of the same batch number (excluding those allowed to be batched in accordance with product standards). Each bundle shall not exceed 5 tons. Steel pipes with diameter greater than 159 mm or special-shaped steel pipes with circumference greater than 500 mm can be delivered in bulk. By agreement between supplier and demander, the weight of each bundle of steel pipes can exceed 5 tons, and it can also be delivered in small packages. The bundled seamless steel tubes shall be firmly bound by steel strips or steel wires, and the number of bundling paths shall conform to the regulations. One end of bundled steel tube should be placed neatly. Short-length steel pipes should be packaged and delivered separately. For steel pipes delivered with fixed length (or double length), the overlapped non-fixed length (or double length) pipes should be packaged separately.

  According to the requirement of the demander, the steel pipe surface can be slowly protected, and the protective layer should be anticorrosive material, and easy coating and removal should be considered.

  One end of each truck thread steel pipe shall be screwed with pipe joints, and the thread and processing surface of the pipe and its pipe joints shall be coated with anti-rust oil or other anti-rust agents. The retaining ring should be screwed on the end of the pipe and the inner joint. Plastic protective sheath can be added at both ends of seamless steel pipe according to the requirement of the demander. Polished steel pipes and steel pipes with surface roughness requirements should be coated with anti-rust oil on the inner and outer surfaces, then wrapped with moisture-proof paper, linen bags or plastic cloth, and then bound with steel wires or strips. The maximum weight of each bundle is 2000 kg.

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