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  • Focus of Steel Tube Industry in 2019
  • Author:Anji County PengDa Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.Date:2019-04-30 10:48 Click:

  In 2019, China's steel pipe industry faces both opportunities and challenges, and opportunities outweigh challenges. To do a good job in the steel pipe industry, the key lies in the continuous emancipation of the mind, development of ideas, firm confidence, concerted efforts, self-discipline and self-improvement of steel pipe enterprises. From the international point of view, the economic situation is complex, trade frictions are becoming more and more serious, trade barriers can not be ignored, the downward pressure of the global economy is increasing, the uncertainty of export is increasing, the difficulty of export is increasing, the import volume is increasing, the production capacity of the steel pipe market in China is excessive, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. From the domestic point of view, since 2017, the benefits of Chinese steel pipe enterprises have improved, and a new round of capacity expansion in 2018 has increased, which may lay hidden dangers for the healthy development of the steel pipe industry.


  The product structure is unreasonable. According to the analysis of the import and export price of China's steel pipe in 2018, the average import and export price of seamless pipe is 3555.5 U.S. dollars/ton, of which the average import price is 3.5 times that of export; the average import and export price of welded pipe is 1531.7 U.S. dollars/ton, of which the average import price is 2.4 times that of export price. This phenomenon shows that China's steel pipe industry still has excessive low-end products, outstanding shortcomings, low export proportion of high-end products, weak market competitiveness in the international high-end market, not forming enough brand support, industrial structure still needs to be further adjusted.

  The forms of international trade sanctions are diversified. They are no longer just a single "double-negative". The so-called "China Threat" theory, national security, intellectual property protection, trade balance and so on have become the reasons for trade sanctions. Moreover, in the form of international trade sanctions, the role of the government has become more important and direct, such as the 232, 301 of the United States and the steel safeguard measures of the European Union, which have broken through the scope of traditional trade remedies and risen to the trade balance and friction between economies. Its initiation and ultimate impact are unpredictable and uncontrollable, totally beyond the steel (management) industry. Or the extent to which the market can operate. Especially under the policy of protectionism, unilateralism and new economic and trade rules adopted by the United States, global economic and trade tensions are increasing, or international economic and trade rules will be changed. Chinese steel (management) enterprises should pay close attention to the new trends of overseas trade frictions in a timely manner and improve their ability to deal with overseas risks.

  Although the price of steel pipe is relatively stable and the profits of steel pipe enterprises are still acceptable, the prospects of steel pipe enterprises are still not optimistic. Enterprises should not only focus on immediate profits and blindly increase production capacity, which will increase the uncertainty of supply and demand relationship and market trend in domestic steel pipe market. Because of the release of new capacity, the author believes that there are some uncertainties in the price of steel pipe in 2019, whether the demand can be maintained in a reasonable range, and whether the supply-demand balance pattern can be sustained, but the country should not easily give up the achievements in capacity removal and environmental governance.

  According to incomplete statistics, the new capacity of seamless pipe will reach about 4.5 million tons in 2018-2019, and the new capacity of welded pipe will reach more than 1 million tons (the increment of stainless steel pipe is more).

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