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  • Large-caliber seamless steel pipe market turnover is still relatively cold
  • Author:Anji County PengDa Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.Date:2019-05-29 17:31 Click:

  Large-caliber seamless steel pipe market turnover is still relatively cold; coupled with the end of the quarter, market capital pressure further tightened, merchants to sell goods into the mainstream; under the influence of many negative factors, so steel prices rose only two or three days, steel prices returned to decline. Overall, the overall situation of the domestic steel market is still not optimistic, "Golden Ninth" peak season expectations have basically fallen, then for the coming silver ten, traders can expect it? Following the author's main analysis of the factors affecting the trend of steel prices. At present, the problem of overcapacity in China is not a normal phenomenon in market economy, but the result of planned economic intervention. For example, some industries with outstanding overcapacity have been encouraged. That is to say, the current serious overcapacity of some domestic industries may be the result of the government's wrong industrial policy.

  Traders still have more feedback losses, and the willingness to sell large-caliber seamless steel tubes at low prices is not strong, but the release of downstream demand is still relatively limited, the transaction is not warm. In the absence of substantive support, the power of price continuation is insufficient, raw materials continue to decline, and snails continue to drop and stop, which aggravates Market bullish sentiment, steel mills also stop restriction policy, market goods. In addition, if usual, there should be a small wave of stockpiling phenomenon in the high-pressure boiler tube market, but because the market is too urgent this year, it is estimated that stockpiling phenomenon is difficult to occur. It can be seen that the current steel traders are still mainly de-stocking, stockpiling seems to be hopeless.


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